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Coefficient of Friction Test Fixtures
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WT62-M and WT62-F
Coefficient of Friction Test Fixture

Connection: 5/8" Socket (other connections possible, Click Here for Adapters Page)
Fixture to test friction coefficient
Pulley with ball bearing to minimize friction
Tensile force:     Up to 500 N

Platen Options:        
270x150 mm (WT62-M or WT62-F)
470x150 mm (WT62-M-P470 or WT62-F-P470)
570x150 mm (WT62-M-P570 or WT62-M-P570)
ASTM-D1894, TAPPI T549

Fixture including 200 g weight (covered with cellular rubber).
DIN53375, ISO8295

Fixture including 200 g weight (covered with felt).
Options for Upper Fixture
WT62-159   upper fixture with 15.9 mm coupling, weight: 0.038 kg  
WT62-200   upper fixture with 20 mm coupling, weight: 0.030 kg

WT62-HS (Optional Accessory)
Folding Magnet Fastener

Designed to keep thin samples (like foils, paper) secure in place
Weight:  200 g

Step One:  Open front and insert sample
Step Two:  shut the "front" door
(The internal magnet will "snap")
Step Three:  Pull sample around the
bottom and open the back door.
Step Four:  Tuck the sample in the
back and hold it tight through the top.
Step Five:  Shut the back door
while holding the sample tight.
Now the Sample is securely held in the sled and ready to test.

To remove the sample simply open the back and front doors.

Peel fixture for ISO 21182
Sled weight, 50 N

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