Silent Compressor - 16 Bar /232 PSI

Special quiet compressor for high pressure grip models.
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So quiet you can hear a wisper!  Easy to set up.
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WT216 Silent Compressor with Regulator

This equipment is appropriate for use in laboratories. We could hear each other whispering while standing in front of one of these while the compressor was running!  Set up is quite easy and manuals are included. 

Important:  The WT216 has a regulator, however, a water trap and oiler at the point of connection (recommended) is not included.  Use without these items could cause corrosion of return springs in some grip models possibly leading to non-warrantied repairs.  The high-pressure output is for periodic use (such as for opening and closing grips).  It is not intended for continuous output.  The oil level needs to be checked periodically and oil added as necessary.  There is an oil level window on the side of the unit (no need for a dip stick).  The first bottle of oil is included with purchase.  Water from the compressor tank also needs to be drained at least weekly.
The WT216 compressor produces 0 to 16 Bar (232 PSI) for high capacity grip applications.

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