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WTS174 Puncture Fixture
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WTS174-25 (Open)
25 mm Opening

WTS174-25 (Closed)
Upper Ring clamped in place
WTS174 - 44
44 mm Opening
WTS174 - 66
66 mm Opening
WTS174 - 89
89 mm Opening
With Ring Guides
WTS174 - 125
25 mm Opening
WTS174 - 200
200 mm Opening
WTS174 - 24 for Single Column Machine
24 mm Opening
Includes Probe with 6mm half Radius

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WTS174 -11.6 for Single Column Machine
11.6 mm Opening
Includes probe with 9mm half radius

WTS174 -20ND1x30 for Single Column Machine
20 mm Opening
Includes 1 x 30 mm needle style probe
For Single & Dual Column Machines
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