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Convert Tensile Tester for Comprssion Testing
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WT42 Series Compression Cages

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The compression cage is mounted inside the testing machine. 
Collars tighten the couplings so there is no play in the connections.
When top and bottom move apart the plates in the middle move together.
Samples are placed between the middle plates for compression testing.

Part Number
for standard sizes
A x B
100 x 100 mm
200 mm
15.9 mm
150 x 150 mm
300 mm
15.9 mm
200 x 200 mm
300 mm
15.9 mm
250 x 250 mm
300 mm
15.9 mm
300 x 300 mm
400 mm
15.9 mm
350 x 350 mm
500 mm
15.9 mm
WT42 Information Standard Types:

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WT42-100 Compression Cage
WT42-100-350  (Max Opening 350 mm)
WT42-100-200  (Max Opening 200 mm)

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WT42-150 Compression Cage
WT42-150 (Speical Stainless Version)

Custom made for environmental chamber
Note:  No ball bearings for chamber use to 300 C

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WT42-180 Compression Cage
WT42-150-200  (Max Opening 200 mm)
WT42-340x395-420 Compression Cage

WT42-180-205  (Max Opening 205 mm)
WT42-340x395-420  (340 x 395 mm, Max Opening 205 mm)
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WT42-320x400-L1000 Compression Cage
WT42-320x400-L1000  (Max Opening 447 mm)

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