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Eccentric Roller
Peel Fixtures
Pincer Grips
Pneumatic Grips
Puncture Grips
Ribbon Grips
Rope, Yarn & Thread
Vise Grips
Wedge Grips to 10kN
Wedge Grips 20-50 kN
Capstan Wedge Grips

Wedge Grips - Large

Wire & Terminal Grips
Calibration Gear

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Slotted Table for Single Column Tensile Tester
Edge guides for samples
Application Prints
3 point & 4 point bend fixtures
Friction table for tensile testers
Table Mount Switches
Dual Cylinder Grips
Multiple grip face options: Rubber, Pyramid and V Notch for Round samples
Various Width Faces

Disclaimer & Important Information

Information about this site:

W. D. Turner Company, Inc., in good faith, has provided all the product information on this web site to assist customers with sourcing products to be used with materials testing and force measurement equipment.  Our goal is to be accurate with product information, to assist with test application when using our products and to provide our customers with exemplary sales support.  Many more products are available that are not currently listed here, including machines (Motorized and Manually operated), entire testing systems, additional fixtures, gauges and related software.   No guarantee of application should be assumed as there are unlimited ways in how our products may be assumed to work.  However, we will offer to test samples (at our discretion) to insure the product will work as expected when this is convenient for both parties.  Our offer to test samples should not be used to obtain data for prototype operations in substitution for purchase of product. Please note that information on this site may change, anytime, without notice.


The Operator is responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable safety instructions. Relevant workplace safety rules are also sole responsibility of the Operator. Special protective measures must be stated in detail by Buyer in his order request prior to the purchase. Products sold here are not to be used by untrained Operators under any circumstances. Please contact our office to arrange training.

*Ask about our training provided with OEM installation of Material Testing Systems.


We grant a warranty of one year for supplied products and services. Excluded from warranty are wear parts such as knives, jaws or load cells. The warranty period starts on the date of product shipment. Warranty claims forfeit in case of non-payment or payment reduction. Warranty applies only to working time and parts. Shipping costs and costs of service trips are not covered by warranty. Complaints must be made in writing within 14 days of receipt of goods. We do not accept any liability for operating systems on personal computers, even if they were purchased from us. We grant warranty only on characteristics expressly agreed in writing.

Legal Details & Disclaimers:

Our liability for any loss incurred by Buyer will not exceed purchase price of products delivered to which any claim applies. Any further claims for damages are hereby excluded. We shall have no liability for any injury, property damage or death that may arise from the use, misuse, transport or storage of our products.

Dimension drawings, pictures and other documents may not be made available to third parties without our express written consent.  Transfer of concept drawings to third parties, for reproduction without our consent, is not allowed. All offers should be verified by Buyer in writing and with submission of prints where applicable. We are not liable for uncertainty and lack of specialized qualification of the Buyer. The Buyer is liable for product suitability unless some specific feature has been explicitly guaranteed in writing. If new product development does not satisfy 100% of the objective there is still payment obligation for the Buyer. General information by oral agreements need to be confirmed in writing. Legal Jurisdiction for any disputes will be Thomasville, North Carolina, United States of America.


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